Thursday, 28 August 2014

Destiny Traveller

Destiny Traveller

It is the beauty of nature
Gifts are dispatched by the maker
Across the sky,
Away from the stars
From the times of sand
Is born a saviour,
Half whispered and chant.

Not a saint or a man
But one who is sent
To guard,
The entrance of heaven
Stopping the way of demons
To shield the humans.

A friend,
A sincere attempt
To defend,
From disaster
A fearless man.

A guardian,
A medium
For establishing peace and love
Always alert
Busy in work
A skilled man; 
The destiny man.

Rising from the remains, ashes of those fallen
Courageousness enough to defend,
A combined strength, of thousands of men
A savoir is sent. 

 A master of travel
He seen it all, 
Seen more lot, both rise & fall
Yes, the name,
The name
It's his
Who they yell
Over the roofs, on the ladders,
his name;
Destiny traveller.
                                                      ……work in process***

---Prasoon Sharma---

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